Happy Parents

Are you a parent? Are you a teacher,  a carer? 


Do you sometimes shout at your children and then wish you had not?

Do you sometimes speak to your children in a way you would NEVER speak to your friends?

Do you nag and get irritated more than you like?

Do you sometimes get frustrated because your children seem like they are from a different planet to you?

Do you feelyou can't seem to get through to your children? Do you often get to the end of the day and feel so frazzled you wonder why you bother to get up in the first place?

Would you like to laugh more with your children and partner?
Would you like to spend more quality time with your children?

Would you like your children listen to you and do what you ask? Would you like more co-operation in your family? Would you like to be able of giving profound values to your children and let them grow as responsible human being, supporting them toward their future ?

Would you like to have more me-time, without taking away anything from your family?

If the answer to all these questions is “YES!”, then “Whistle while you work”!

"Whistle while you work" is the title of my book and of my course for parents.


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If something doesn't work, do something else (NLP Presupposition)

Unfortunately nobody teaches us how to be a parent. Practically every parent I meet thinks they could be doing a better job. Proof of this is the success of TV show like "The Nanny" and the fact you are surfing web sites like this one.

Given the domestic melting-pot we find ourselves in, it's not surprising that sometimes we get impatient, annoyed or nag a little bit. And, of course, it's very easy to blame our kids, our environment and our other halves for our feelings of frustration. For example after asking our kid to come off the Play Station for the fifteenth time, we finally loose our rag thinking who can blame us? We had no choice.

Most of us believe that we are not in control of our emotions and we feel powerless on the roller-coaster of life: our children are in control of us.

But what would it be like if YOU DID HAVE CONTROL? If it were within your gift to feel calm at all times? It would be magnificent like achieving nirvana!

This is possible .

Parents and children are just like magnets: they can attract or they can repel. Attraction happens on those wonderful days when everything goes right. It is as if your children are stuck to you by some magnetic bond; it feels wonderful. Then you will have days where it goes horribly wrong and it is as if you and your children are like the two repelling ends of a magnet : the more you try to force you and your children together, the stronger the force is that pushes you apart.

I am convinced that everyone of us would like to be an attracting magnet. Well… changing behavior is as simple as turning one magnet around . If you are not getting the attraction you desire, just by making small changes to your behavior you could get the results that you've been looking for . ONLY YOU has to change for the relationship to become magnetic, not your children.

I have divided my book and my course in 9 steps at the end of which you will be in charge  and you will know how to grow your children as wonderful flower in your daily routine.

STEP 1: SET GOALS – “The tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goal; it lies in having no goal to reach” (A. Einstein) Positive change is unlikely to happen unless you know what you want. When you know what you want, you will know how to achieve it. Want and can.

STEP 2: UNDERSTANDING – I think sometimes we feel as if we speak a different language to our children. When you learn to understand your children and interact with them in a way they appreciate, suddenly a whole world of possibility opens up.

STEP3: LISTENING –If you want your children to listen to you, you have to learn how to listen to them. It is the so called Rapport and how to be in tune with them and with people around us.

STEP 4: BEING POSITIVE– Using a positive language, a positive feedback, noticing your child's good points, has a positive effect on children's behavior and on how they interact with you.

STEP 5: SOLUTIONS SEEKING - Focusing on solutions and not on problems. Coaching and nogotiation strategies.

STEP 6: VALUES – choosing and giving values. Doing the important things for us, help us to find quality time and help us achieving magnetism.

STEP 7: TIME MANAGEMENT - “Control your time otherwise it will control you” How to make the most of every minute.

STEP 8: RESPONSABILITY“ Every behavior has a positive intention “ (NLP Presupposition) How to motivate your children into starting new behaviors and become responsible for their own actions.

STEP 9: WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK –  Having fun together with your children will allow you to be magnificent and attract your children to you.

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