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Hi! I'm Siria Rizzi and I am a coach and a trainer for managers,  salespeople and parents with challenges to overcome.

I have a University degree in Economics and a Master in Management; I am a certified NLP Trainer , a strategic Coach and a Time Line Therapy® Practitioner. Probably you are wondering what is the relationship between these areas!?


It's the result of where my heart has brought me ….


Since I was a kid I have always known what I I would have done turning big: I wanted to manage company and travel eround the world, always learning something new. And so, already in high school, I'd started to travel around the world during summer holidays working as an au-pair : Canada, Venezuela, USAi. Sure about what I wanted, I took the degree in Economics at the Univerity of Udine, attending the last semester in Spain thanks to a scholarship.

After the degree, I got married and went with my husband to Turin. There I could immediately find a job in a small company in the automotive branch as export manager. I started to travel and feel that what I had always dremt about was coming true . Since I wanted to get involved in bigger contexts, I found a new job in a big leading company in the alarm branch and I started all over again from the bottom of the hierarchy: from telephon operator I get promoted as assistent of the sales director and I learn really a LOT from my boss. Then…. the leap.


Afer having moved with my husband to South Tyrol, I bacame the chief of the Bolzano branch of a national service company with more than 100 offices and, thanks to some sales courses, I bacame the best sales person of the year in the company.  Since I'd wanted to enter the german social fabric and feeling the lack of travelling around the world, I started to attend some german courses in Austria and Germany and I found THE job I had always wanted in Bressanonel: hired as export manager, after two years I became CEO of the company. My dream had come true: at the director of the company, I travel all around the world. Fulfilled in our jobs, my husband and me, decided to fulfill in our family. Unfortunately the kids diddn't arrive and the doctors told me I had a problem that caused my infertility. Operation and and in vitro fertilizations did not solve the problem and therefore, together with my husband, we decided to commit in our carreers. Wanting to bring the company to a superior level, I attended a Master in Management at the University of Salzburg two years long, during the week-ends. During this master I got in touch with NLP and a ney reality opened up to me, a reality that facinated and intrigued me.

So I decided to attend an NLP training: in South Tyrol, in a german culture, the "italian" NLP  does not arrive.  This unfortunatly has a bad reputation with a lot of autocertified "experts" or certified by unlikely educational institutes or associations. Thanks to the cultural and geographical proximity to Bressanone, the city where I lived, the International NLP Trainers Association, in the name of his president Bert Feustel from Munich offers the first specialization training in NLP. A training of 180 hours featuring awesome international trainers. The smile, the charisma and the aurea of the first trainer I meet, Evelyn Oberleiter, got me and I told to myself: I want to be able of perfusing this positivity and be so radiant too! What I learned made me grow professionally and personally. I felt myself blossoming and I could find an inner balance. And then the unexpected miracle…..

In 2007 during an exhibition in Barcelona, I felt very bad and I found out I was pregnant and at the end of that year, a month in advance on the schedule, I gave birth to a tiny cutie-pie of just 2 kg full of willing to live. And here it was! The business woman with a lot of meetings all over the world found herself a mom full of doubts and the uncertainty of an unknown job.  I wanted to exceed in both areas (parental and business one) and the NLP helped me to solve my interior conflict. I went on with my NLP training, doing the second level, the Master Practitioner, another 180 hours, always with the INLPTA. In the meanwhile I grew professionally within my company and I got invited to partecipate as speaker to an international conference to offer solutions to economical crisis, “Best minds meet” and from this event a book was published. I began to deeply understand me  and to listen to my heart. The "mom job" is completely new and I felt insecure. I strted to read a lot about parental issues, but I found my replies again in NLP . Becoming a mother, my values changed: my career had not so much value and therefore I took THE decision of my life. Since as a mother I could not find a course for parents that could teach you how to efficiently communicate with kids and since in NLP and in my experinece with it I could find so many ways that worked so good, I quit my job and I started to plan my new career: getting the trainer certification in NLP and becoming a coach and a trainer for parents, managers and sales people .

Desiring the best training ever , I decided to fly to US to become a trainer with one of the biggest NLP associations of the world and with one of the people that mostly contributed to NLP: Tad James, the founder of the Time Line Therapy ®,supported by his wife Adriana. Their charisma, competence, sober style, clean and elegant, with no redundancies and very profound gave me such an energy and a knowledge about NLP never felt before. II learned their communication secrets with exhausting exercises and a full immersion training of about 200 hours : in 4 weeks I hardly slept, but my energy level was at the top !

The more light a person shines, the more light there will be in the world. (Robert Dilts)

Back to Italy I committed fully to the organization of my new job with the purpose of letting know about this clean, sincere, efficient, profound NLP in Italy and expecially in the region where I now live : Friuli Venezia Giulia. Together with my family I moved to Udine, the city where I was born. My first book had been published, a book dedicated to all the adults that have something to do with children: “IWhistle while you work… how to efficiently communicate with children thanks to NLP ”. A training-book which I offer to tpeople before taking part to my seminars and that give all the solutions I have applied personally and that I personally guarantee . It's a book that gives the base of every kind of communication not only with kids, but also with partners, family members, collegues, superiors, etc. A book that wants to move and make feel responsible to walk the path toward excellence. My mission.

Dr. Siria Rizzi NLP Trainer - ABNLP

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