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Desiring the best training ever , I decided to fly to US to become a trainer with one of the biggest NLP associations of the world and with one of the people that mostly contributed to NLP: Tad James, the founder of the Time Line Therapy ®,supported by his wife Adriana. Their charisma, competence, sober style, clean and elegant, with no redundancies and very profound gave me such an energy and a knowledge about NLP never felt before. II learned their communication secrets with exhausting exercises and a full immersion training of about 200 hours : in 4 weeks I hardly slept, but my energy level was at the top !

The more light a person shines, the more light there will be in the world. (Robert Dilts)

Back to Italy I committed fully to the organization of my new job with the purpose of letting know about this clean, sincere, efficient, profound NLP in Italy and expecially in the region where I now live : Friuli Venezia Giulia. Together with my family I moved to Udine, the city where I was born. My first book had been published, a book dedicated to all the adults that have something to do with children: “IWhistle while you work… how to efficiently communicate with children thanks to NLP ”. A training-book which I offer to tpeople before taking part to my seminars and that give all the solutions I have applied personally and that I personally guarantee . It's a book that gives the base of every kind of communication not only with kids, but also with partners, family members, collegues, superiors, etc. A book that wants to move and make feel responsible to walk the path toward excellence. My mission.

Dr. Siria Rizzi NLP Trainer - ABNLP

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