About me

In 2007 during an exhibition in Barcelona, I felt very bad and I found out I was pregnant and at the end of that year, a month in advance on the schedule, I gave birth to a tiny cutie-pie of just 2 kg full of willing to live. And here it was! The business woman with a lot of meetings all over the world found herself a mom full of doubts and the uncertainty of an unknown job.  I wanted to exceed in both areas (parental and business one) and the NLP helped me to solve my interior conflict. I went on with my NLP training, doing the second level, the Master Practitioner, another 180 hours, always with the INLPTA. In the meanwhile I grew professionally within my company and I got invited to partecipate as speaker to an international conference to offer solutions to economical crisis, “Best minds meet” and from this event a book was published. I began to deeply understand me  and to listen to my heart. The "mom job" is completely new and I felt insecure. I strted to read a lot about parental issues, but I found my replies again in NLP . Becoming a mother, my values changed: my career had not so much value and therefore I took THE decision of my life. Since as a mother I could not find a course for parents that could teach you how to efficiently communicate with kids and since in NLP and in my experinece with it I could find so many ways that worked so good, I quit my job and I started to plan my new career: getting the trainer certification in NLP and becoming a coach and a trainer for parents, managers and sales people .



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