About me

So I decided to attend an NLP training: in South Tyrol, in a german culture, the "italian" NLP  does not arrive.  This unfortunatly has a bad reputation with a lot of autocertified "experts" or certified by unlikely educational institutes or associations. Thanks to the cultural and geographical proximity to Bressanone, the city where I lived, the International NLP Trainers Association, in the name of his president Bert Feustel from Munich offers the first specialization training in NLP. A training of 180 hours featuring awesome international trainers. The smile, the charisma and the aurea of the first trainer I meet, Evelyn Oberleiter, got me and I told to myself: I want to be able of perfusing this positivity and be so radiant too! What I learned made me grow professionally and personally. I felt myself blossoming and I could find an inner balance. And then the unexpected miracle…..



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