About me

Afer having moved with my husband to South Tyrol, I bacame the chief of the Bolzano branch of a national service company with more than 100 offices and, thanks to some sales courses, I bacame the best sales person of the year in the company.  Since I'd wanted to enter the german social fabric and feeling the lack of travelling around the world, I started to attend some german courses in Austria and Germany and I found THE job I had always wanted in Bressanonel: hired as export manager, after two years I became CEO of the company. My dream had come true: at the director of the company, I travel all around the world. Fulfilled in our jobs, my husband and me, decided to fulfill in our family. Unfortunately the kids diddn't arrive and the doctors told me I had a problem that caused my infertility. Operation and and in vitro fertilizations did not solve the problem and therefore, together with my husband, we decided to commit in our carreers. Wanting to bring the company to a superior level, I attended a Master in Management at the University of Salzburg two years long, during the week-ends. During this master I got in touch with NLP and a ney reality opened up to me, a reality that facinated and intrigued me.



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