About me

Since I was a kid I have always known what I I would have done turning big: I wanted to manage company and travel eround the world, always learning something new. And so, already in high school, I'd started to travel around the world during summer holidays working as an au-pair : Canada, Venezuela, USAi. Sure about what I wanted, I took the degree in Economics at the Univerity of Udine, attending the last semester in Spain thanks to a scholarship.

After the degree, I got married and went with my husband to Turin. There I could immediately find a job in a small company in the automotive branch as export manager. I started to travel and feel that what I had always dremt about was coming true . Since I wanted to get involved in bigger contexts, I found a new job in a big leading company in the alarm branch and I started all over again from the bottom of the hierarchy: from telephon operator I get promoted as assistent of the sales director and I learn really a LOT from my boss. Then…. the leap.




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